The Company Group was established in 1957, and more than 65 years later remains totally, and proudly, Australian owned.  It is a company success story not equalled in the highly competitive consumer electronics market place in this country.

Originally formed to import domestic sewing machines, the Company’s product range soon expanded to include Televisions, Audio Equipment and Cooling Fans, all marketed under the groups own brand names “Princess” and “Airmaster” . During the Company’s early years of operation, more than 250,000 Princess sewing machines were sold across Australia, making it a leader in that field, and establishing the brand’s reputation for outstanding value and quality.

In 1963 saw the introduction of the first Princess 12″ (30cm) black and white portable TV on the market.  Many years later in the 1970’s, with the removal of tariff on b/w TV’s imported to Australia, the Company was able, for the very first time, to enable the consumer to purchase TVs with significant price reductions  –  and  12″ (30cm) b/w sets were being sold for under $100.   In 1975, the Company was the first to launch Colour TV onto the Australian market.   The first Princess Colour TVs were introduced through Norman Ross Discounts stores and subsequently several tens of thousands sets were sold.

Airmaster cooling fans were launched on to the market in 1965, and achieved immediate success due to their styling, performance and ‘value for money’. They enjoyed significant market share and appeal with about 1 in 7 fans sold in Australia at the time being an Airmaster Fan.

The early 1980’s saw the Company’s exciting launch of the Palsonic brand with a range, initially of Televisions, sourced from one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers from South Korea.  The Palsonic range soon expanded to a larger range of Televisions as new technologies emerged as well as Audio and DVD products, and a range of Home appliances that included the first to market Automatic  Bread Maker, Microwave Ovens and household Refrigerators.

Today the Group continues its fundamental core objectives to deliver Value and Reliability in a range of quality and reliable consumer electronics and appliances. As a specialist Australian electronics importer and distributor, Palsonic has worked with all of the nations leading retailers across Australia over all of years.  Every product is carefully selected and only sourced from the largest and most respected electronics and electrical appliance manufacturers throughout South East Asia.  Every product that carries the Palsonic name has been designed, built and thoroughly tested for Australian operating conditions, and to the rigid specifications and requirements of Palsonic’s own technical department.   Backed with Australia- wide service and spare parts, the Palsonic policy of ‘we care about our customer’ has contributed in no small measure to its success until now, and will certainly ensure the Company’s continued growth and success.

Built on trust and relationships – one of the longest established and continuous suppliers to the Australian market for over 65 years – we know and understand the market.