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Palsonic was established in 1958, and more than 60 years later remains totally, and proudly, Australian owned. Its a company success story not equaled in the highly competitive, and volatile, appliance market place in this country.
Originally formed to import domestic sewing machines, the Company's product range soon expanded to include Televisions, Audio Equipment and Cooling Fans, all marketed under the exclusive "Princess" or "Airmaster" name. During the Company's first 10 years of operation, more than 250,000 Princess sewing machines were sold across Australia, making it a leader in that field, and establishing the brand's reputation for outstanding value and quality.

In 1964 the first Princess 12" (30cm) black and white portable TV receiver was introduced and with the subsequent removal of tariff on b/w TV's imported to Australia, the Company was responsible for significant price reductions which enabled the consumer - for the very first time - to purchase a 12" (30cm) b/w set for under $100. In 1975 saw the first Princess colour models, and today the Princess name grows cover an exciting range of colour receivers. Princess is accepted as the specialist name in portable TV.

Airmaster cooling fans were launched on to the market in 1961, and achieved immediate success due to their styling, performance and 'value for money'. Now, about 1 in 7 fans sold in Australia is a Airmaster, and the Company offers a wide range of personal, desk and pedestal types, through to the increasingly popular box style.
And now 'Palsonic', a name representing high technology engineering at its very best, has joined Airmaster, with an outstandingly featured range of television, video, DVD and appliances. Hi-Fidelity Television receivers with auto scan 100 channel programme selection and LED digital display; to Compact Disc players with music track search and random memory on up to 16 tracks; and even the highest quality VHS video tape, at a budget price. Palsonic is more than just a name, it's a whole new meaning in TV, video and DVD players.

N.G. Enterprises is associated with some of the largest and most respected electrical appliance manufacturers in SE. Asia. Every product that carries the Princess, Airmaster - and now - Palsonic name has been designed, built and thoroughly tested for Australian operating conditions, and to the rigid specifications of N.G. Enterprises' own technical department. They are all backed with Australia-wide service and spare parts. The Palsonic policy of 'we care about our customer' has contributed in no small measure to their success until now, and will ensure the Company's continued growth and success.

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